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JAIPUR: BJP has decided to file an original petition in that the Rajasthan High Court challenging the merger of six BSP MLAs together with Congress on Monday. The move came hours after the Rajasthan High Court ignored the petition challenging the disqualification of six MLAs who contested the BSP ticket. The request was transferred by BJP MLA Madan Dilawar from Ramganjmandi on July 26 in a clear bid to corner the ruling Congress government in the game. The state government is facing strong resistance from the 19 Congress MLAs headed by Sachin Pilot camp.
Reacting about the evolution, Satish Poonia, state president of BJP stated,”Prima facie it seems that we’ve got powerful scope for submitting a new petition in the courtroom with more details. Our team of legal specialists is analysing the merger and many similar instances previously have shown positive outcomes. Our simple debate is that BSP is a federal celebration that never blended with the Congress. It had been the BSP MLAs who united with the ruling party,” explained Poonia. He added they will file a request in a day or 2.
Dilawar had moved an application prior to the speaker in March this year seeking disqualification of those six BSP MLAs who had united with the Congress on September 16, 2019. He transferred another request before the speaker July 18 that was dismissed last week. The factors for the same were made public nor contributed to the complainant.
Replying to a query on speaker blowing off the program because politically motivated, Poonia didn’t assault speaker CP Joshi straight but contested his inability to phone or notify the complainant. “He’s particular privileges and has complete right to act on petitions independently. It’s a really common thing that after a request is determined, the complainant needs to be called or given a copy of the purchase. In petitioner Madan Dilawar’s situation he had to fight to receive the backup, this raises a few questions,” explained Poonia.
Cong determined by spl session: BJP
BJP on Monday accused the ruling Congress as being adamant about holding a special assembly session to settle scores with their dissidents’ group headed by Sachin Pilot camp. “The cupboard note looking for permission for meeting sessions states they will go over the Covid-19 position from the nation. However, it’s clear they will search for an chance to disqualify their rebels. They are interested in carrying any particular session,” explained Poonia.


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