BJP fires salvo in Ashok Gehlot over changing of MLAS | Jaipur News


MLAs being screened at Jaipur airport prior to leaving for Jaisalmer

JAIPUR: Taking a dig in the changing of MLAs from Jaipur into Jaisalmer, BJP state president Satish Poonia reminded CM Ashok Gehlot which Pakistan is too near their destination.
MLAs supporting Gehlot have been changed to Jaisalmer on Friday until the initiation of the meeting session on August 14.
At a succession of tweets, Poonia stated,”Where all of the authorities will run to rescue itself . They need to remember that following Jaisalmer, another destination is Pakistan.” He inquired Gehlot what frightened him that he needed to run away together with his lawmakers? “Can it be the responsibility of the BJP to conserve your falling authorities ” He included.
“If you (Gehlot) stated that MLAs stand combined together with all the Congress, you don’t have any worry, then why would you take your MLAs from 1 resort to another and also from 1 town to another? Who are individuals who will split from you personally? Why not disclose their names? Haqikat se kab tak doorway bhagoge Jadugarji (Just how far are you going to operate out of the fact, Magician? ) ) ,” explained Poonia, that sees Congress MLAs’ migration to Jaisalmer a nod to those of this nation.
Reacting on Gehlot’s suspicion on Poonia’s regular visits to Delhi aimed at toppling the government, Poonia stated,”I’ve heard your sermon. Can it be a crime to see Delhi? In addition you see Delhi-Mumbai? If I proceed to Delhi for a few celebration work, if I notify you each single time of my visits? It’s laughable that our visits Delhi have been regarded as an effort to topple the authorities.”
Further sharpening his assault, Poonia requested Gehlot to show his motive for carrying his administration to Jaisalmer. He accused the Congress of harassing its MLAs. “The whole nation is watching how you’ve held hostage your MLAs. It’s extremely demotivating for its citizens to see its own authorities working from resorts, rather than the secretariat. If any taxpayer has some work will he/she come to Jaisalmer?” Stated Poonia.
Replying to Gehlot for calling him the protector of’democracy’, Poonia stated,”CM Gehlot is behaving like a dictator whilst threatening everybody, slapping instances and speaking of democracy. This incident has exposed everybody as well as the next generation of Congress party workers are feeling dejected with their behavior.”
Replying to a query on BJP’s readiness for the upcoming assembly session, Poonia stated his party is totally ready to raise important questions and issues from the interest of this nation. “In all of the assembly sessions, the judgment authorities failed to answer our questions from the meeting. Their situation will be the exact same at the upcoming meeting session,” Poonia explained.


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