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Sajjan Singh together with the picture of his grandfather, Late Colonel Bahadur Singh.

JAIPUR: Colonel Bahadur Singh of Jodhpur Lancers obtained the Order of the British India (OBI) and Indian Distinguished Services Medal for demonstrating exemplary courage throughout World War-I in the struggle of Haifa at 1918.
Despite being shot in the eye whilst battling, Singh kept moving ahead and kept reassuring his fellow soldiers. He had been granted for his distinguished services in the war while he was in his first 20’s.
He later on became the commander-in-chief of Jodhpur State Forces and has been called’Kana General‘ by his own troops.
“He was very stern and disciplined. Soldiers from admiration used to phone him Kana General though he had been a colonel,” remembered Sajjan Singh, grandson of Bahadur Singh.
Born in a poor household, Singh became an orphan at age four as his parents died in a famine in their own village in Jodhpur district. Produced by his own relatives, Bahadur Singh left dwelling in his and attained Jodhpur and got admitted to a free college for education.
After World War-I broke out, Sir Pratap Singh of Idar hunted for physically healthy boys to the war. Singh has been asked to join but he made it very clear he will join as an officer rather than as a private soldier.
Sajjan Singh stated,”He had been convinced of this calibre he’d and education he had obtained. My grandfather joined as a daffadar and has been commissioned in Palestine with that the Jodhpur Lancers. He murdered in 1942. In World War-II, my dad Air Vice Marshal Chandan Singh fought with the Allied Forces as a priest of Jodhpur Lancers. Following Independence, he obtained the Mahavir Chakra and Vir Chakra in Various wars. Only a few individuals know regarding the donation my loved ones ”
Army historian Important Chandrakant Singh said participation made by Singh at the Battle of Haifa ought to be recalled. “At the Battle of Haifa, the Jodhpur Lancers revealed a regiment officered entirely by Indians was equivalent, if not greater than any regiment in the entire world. Contribution made by Singh and thousands of Indian troops shouldn’t be abandoned,” said Singh.


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