Ashok Gehlot urges PM Modi to carry VC with CMs | Jaipur News


JAIPUR: Chief minister Ashok Gehlot has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to maintain a video convention together with the main ministers above Covid-19 direction .
In a letter to the PM on Sunday, Gehlot reported that since the previous meeting together with the CMs through video conference has been held June 17, the indications linked to the coronavirus and economy have shifted radically.
“My petition would be to hold a meeting through video conferencing to the current scenario of Covid-19 together with the CMs of states to go over the management of this pandemic. The struggle against Covid-19 is at the last phase and each nation is fighting with complete force, resources and ability. Additionally, the country did everything possible to assist those who lost their livelihoods,” reads the letter.
The letter further reads that in a time once the nation is facing a pandemic, the PM has created communication with CMs of states, which will be praiseworthy. “Beneath the cooperative federalism system, dialog between the central and state authorities, the exchange of data regarding plan will help to the very best practices,” explained Gehlot from the correspondence, while granting the significance of dialogue between the Centre and the nation.
The correspondence also contains detailed advice on attempts taken by Gehlot in handling Covid-19. It reads,”Until June 17, the amount of evaluations performed in the country has been 6. 37 lakh, which taken around 15. 26 lakh on August 1. The proportion of Covid-19 positive cases was two. 12 on July 17 that touched two. 79percent on August 1. At precisely the exact same period, the evaluation capability was improved from 22, 000 to 45,000 daily.” The correspondence also offers a reference of plasma treatment employed in the country which showed great results.


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