Ajmer: Security shield absorbs raw material from mill, held | Ajmer News


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AJMER: A rexine mill owner on the town’s outskirts, that reopened his unit following the lockdown, was in for a shock when he discovered that raw materials had been missing out of his assumptions.
Following investigation, authorities detained the watchman and a junk dealer, who bought the material stolen in the mill on Jaipur street.
Based on Gegal authorities, Om Prakash, whoever owns this rexine factory lodged the complaint. After which authorities detained Daljeet Singh, 60, a resident of Tarantaran at Punjab for stealing the raw material and also Akbar, 40, a resident of Lohakhan for buying the material.
Authorities stated during lockdown Daljeet believed nobody will see whether he stole and sold the raw stuff and he proposed the theft. Whenever Om Prakash called himhe would say everything was nice.


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