32kg gold captured from Vande Bharat passengers in Jaipur | Jaipur News


Gold bars hidden within battery slots of crisis lights captured by sleuths in Jaipur Airport on Saturday

JAIPUR: From the biggest seizure of gold at Rajasthan previously almost 20 decades, habits sleuths on Friday captured 31. 998kg of this yellowish metal value Rs 15. 67 crore from 14 Indian riders in the Jaipur airport and arrested them all. All these passengers had landed at Jaipur airport on several separate Vande Bharat (VB) flights in UAE and Saudi Arabia. They had hidden the golden bars at the casino slots of crisis lights that they had been carrying.
The sleuths created the seizure following getting particular inputs regarding smuggling of gold by several passengers over the 2 flights intended to bring back Indians stranded in UAE and Saudi Arabia because of this Covid-19 pandemic.
“It was surprising for us since those flights were supposed to bring back flying Indians and smuggling at the days of Covid pandemic utilizing VB flights is quite odd,” said a senior customs officer on Saturday.
Customs officials arrested three passengers, that arrived from Ras-Ul-Khema (UAE), then held 11 passengers, who flew from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).
“The 3 passengers attracted 12 gold bars weighing 9. 339kg hidden in the emergency light battery slots, although the 11others earned 22. 659kg at a similar manner,” the officer stated.
He maintained that this is the largest ever seizure of gold at the country in the past almost 20 years. “In 2000, we’d captured a larger quantity of gold in the India-Pakistan boundary in western Rajasthan,” the officer added.


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