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Pochina villagers external collectorate after submitting memorandum to collector Aashish Modi at Jaisalmer on T.. . Read

JAISALMER: The event of about 250 goats of cattle raisers of Pochina village at Jaisalmer district moving to Pakistan from changing dunes region in Barmer is flaring up as BSF has denied that goats have gone out of their place without a weapon is in poor form. A flag meeting Pakistan was held Tuesday where the Arabian state denied any such episode.
After committing memorandum into Jaisalmer district collector, the villagers were likely to Barmer to fulfill the BSF DIG on Wednesday and ask him to get actions.
Currently, BSF has prohibited grazing of cows near the global border. BSF includes apprehensions that the centre may be misused by several cattle raisers who may encourage undesired actions throughout the boundary, etc.
It’s understood that the cattle raisers of Pochina along with other cities on Monday gave a memorandum to the Jaisalmer district collector and cabinet ministry Saleh Mohammad where they had needed to reunite round 250 goats that moved to Pakistan from India because of buried and broken fencing of BSF BOP Seema & DKT in changing sand dunes place in Sundara of Barmer and also be given compensation. However, BSF has refuted the claims.
BSF official spokesperson of Gujrat Frontier reported no such episode as claimed has happened, i.e., neither the boundary fencing in”Sundara AOR” has broken down nor some Indian goat has landed in Pakistan. The single-layer border fence beneath changing sand dunes stays under 24×7 surveillance due to its own vulnerability. Therefore, feasibility of such a incident happening and too moving unnoticed, is together ruled out. He explained the flag assembly with Pakistan happened on Tuesday. Pakistan has stated that the promise of goats wandering there’s totally erroneous. There’s not any such proof.
He explained the claimant was advised from the Company Commander”Sundara AOR” his controversy concerning crossing of Indian goats to Pak was confirmed using due diligence and present process involving border guarding forces of the countries without such proof was found to substantiate the occurring of this reported incident. No footprints of something was seen.
District collector Aashish Modi stated that villagers had come to him and told regarding their goats visiting Pakistan and filed memorandum. In this respect he talked to BSF Jaisalmer industry south DIG Rajesh Kumar who stated he cannot affirm and it isn’t possible at his degree.
The district collector stated that in this respect he’s speaking to Barmer business officials if it’s possible or not.
On the flip side, cattle raisers Balveer Singh Pochina and Jethu Singh stated that until today they haven’t obtained any positive response. They will meet Barmer business BSF DIG on Wednesday.


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