15-year old white tiger Raja dies of old age at Nahargarh Bio Park | Jaipur News


Following Raja’s departure, no white tiger is abandoned at Nahargarh Biological Park

JAIPUR: Fifteen-year-old white tiger, famously called’Raja’, expired at the Nahargarh Biological Park on Tuesday.
With the passing of’Raja’, no white tiger is abandoned from the playground.
Still another white tigress Sita expired last year.
The major cat was retained on fluid treatment in isolation for the last two months because its liver and kidney weren’t working correctly.
An official stated,”The tiger died because of old age. It had been on fluid treatment for the previous two months”
Preliminary research has ruled out leptospirosis, a bacterial disease, which has been a motive for additional passing of other large cats in the playground. Five creatures died in the previous nine months in the playground.
About September 27, 2019, a white tigress expired here in the playground.
About September 19, 10-year-old Asiatic lioness Suzanne, that arrived to the playground from Gujarat, expired. Two days afterwards, nine-month-old tiger cub Ridhi, born into tigress Rambha, expired prior to the vets could attend it.
“If passing proceeds to happen, it might jeopardise the Rs 4 crore safari job in the biological park, that was launched by much fanfare a couple of decades back,” sources said.
At current, there are 11 large cats in the park, such as three dinosaurs, five leopards and three teenaged creatures.


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