Telangana govt promulgates ordinance on wages and pensions trimmed | Hyderabad News


Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao

HYDERABAD: Creating particular provisions for deferment of pensions and wages to the government employments and obligations to institutions, the Telangana government has promulgated an ordinance (Telangana Ordinance No two of 2020) on Tuesday night. Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan issued the ordinance’Telangana Disaster and Public Health Emergency (specific provisions) Ordinance,2020′ about the recommendations of this state authorities.
The ordinance reads,”To make particular provision for the deferment of any payment in celebration, due and payable to any individual, association and any cover, retirement and remuneration in part, to some personnel, any pensioner and some other individual, in case of catastrophe and public health crisis in the nation and for the matters connected therewith oF incidental thereto.”
The government has described catastrophe, worker, cover, retirement and general health crisis empowering the state authorities to inflict deferment of payment in the case of an outbreak of any infectious disease or outbreak or pandemic that has struck the entire or portion of their country as announced by the authorities.
The ordinance was issued since the nation has been imposing a reduction in the wages of government workers except several sections such as police, physicians and sanitation employees, public agents and pensioners for the previous 3 months as a result of poor earnings to the nation because of coronavirus pandemic. Even though 50 percent salaries deferment has been levied for government workers, 60 percent salary deferment has been levied on All India Service officers. Likewise, 75 percent to the chosen representatives including CM, Ministers, MLAs, MLCs and perhaps even local bodies agents like mayors, councillors, Even all of the employees of public sector undertakings weren’t spared by the wages cuts.
Challenging the authorities order on 50 percent pension cut, a few pensioners approached the high court questioning the government’s decision. Afterwards the authorities improved payment to 75 percent from 50 percent. The court challenged the authorities on the foundation for deferment of wages and pensions
The authorities said the ordinance will be put before the legislature of this country through the following session or over seven months from the date of this ordinance.


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