Telangana Congress president Uttam Kumar Reddy attempts Hyderabad-Vijayawada bullet coach | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: Telangana Congress president and Nalgonda MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy on Wednesday urged the central government to construct an immediate”bullet train railroad line” between Hyderabad and Vijayawada.
He raised the issue in the Lok Sabha under principle 377 and filed his petition to the Speaker. Once an issue is raised in the Lok Sabha under Rule 377 of those Rules and Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha. The ministry of Parliamentary events requires followup actions on issues raised under this rule.
“I ask a direct bullet train railroad line be constructed between Hyderabad and Vijayawada through Chityal, Narketpalli, Nakrekal, Suryapet and Kodad. The erstwhile State of Andhra Pradesh was split to the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana at 2014. Hyderabad and Vijayawada would be the main cities in both of these states. They’re connected, now, by a circuitous railway line and the travel takes over half an hour. In case a superfast bullet train directly railway line is set between Hyderabad and Vijayawada, the travel time could be reduced for less than 2 weeks,” Uttam explained.
The economies of both countries would also get a massive increase from this line. The National Highway-65 between Hyderabad and Vijayawada currently has property adjoining to it, which has been obtained earlier and may be employed to assemble the new railway line from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. Linking Jaggaiahpet and Chityal is going to probably be sufficient for the purpose of growing connectivity between those cities.
This could definitely raise the market and traffic involving the nations of Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and gain the nation’s economy, ” he added.


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