‘Telangana CM hiding Covid-19 deaths, threatening Congress leaders from increasing issue in people’ | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: The Congress on Tuesday alleged that 1,000 patients have died so far as a result of coronavirus at Gandhi Hospital independently and the absolute collapse of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao-led TRS authorities to control spread of Covid-19 will be subjected if the true number of deaths at the district, mandal and hospitals, and in the homes of the people as a result of pandemic are recorded out.
Telangana Congress president and Nalgonda MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy lambasted CM KCR for not just hiding the Covid-19 mortality figures but also not paying heed to several proposals given from the Congress party to maintain the pandemic in check.
Rather than listening to the hints, CM KCR has been intimidating the opposition parties that have provided to extend complete cooperation to the government in its struggle against the outbreak. KCR has also coined the resistance party members to have infected with coronavirus.
The ministry spoke irresponsibly saying the Congress party needs more people to perish. “He’d said that following Congress members fulfilled Tamilisai Soundararajan using a petition to use her good offices and also guarantee lives of individuals are rescued by taking effective steps against Covid-19 since KCR-government has neglected to accomplish this,” Uttam explained.
“As many as 38 individuals have died as the authorities failed to supply them with ventilator-cum-oxygen centers in its own hospitals. The National Students Union of India state president Balmoor Venkat published a movie of 60 bodies being burnt at Erragadda crematorium after that the High Court also sought details in the authorities,” he explained.
Stating that the people have lost confidence in government hospitals, Uttam explained a fear-psychosis has gripped them that individuals visiting Gandhi hospital aren’t returning home. On the flip side, private hospitals are charging indefinitely.
Stating it is now evident that CM KCR is giving more significance to politics than rescuing the lives of those individuals, the TPCC leader said the High Court has found fault with the TRS authorities to effectively handle the Covid-19 scenario and predominate in the hospitals.
“Since the start, CM KCR hasn’t accepted the outbreak seriously. KCR had stated on the ground of this meeting that coronavirus could be treated using a mere paracetamol tablet and the virus could die if the temperature spans 22 degrees Celsius. The ministry spoke irresponsibly with no real details regarding Covid-19,” Uttam explained.


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