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HYDERABAD: Basketball fans in Hyderabad finally have a world class centre to pursue the game with the launching of that the Keystone Basketball Academy at the Financial District on Friday.
The academy is on the campus Keystone International School, a Project Based Learning faculty in the nation. The academy is a center of excellence for growing and promoting basketball in town. Even the 15,000 sft, entirely air-conditioned indoor stadium has a FIBA standard imported maplewood playing surface, contest grade gear and a psychiatric health.
The academy is handled by a group of career professionals that have been actively engaged with the game at national and global levels. It gives a detailed training programme catering to many different age classes and comprising routine training sessions, 1-on-1 training, specialised boot camps, tournaments and leagues, international certificates, company sessions and much more.
Talking about the academy,. Srilakshmi Reddy, creator and manager of Keystone College, stated:”In Keystone, we consider game to be an essential component of the culture and education of the area. Team sports are extremely capable of building critical skills like leadership, communication, affecting and strategy. We opted to market basketball since it’s among the fastest growing sports on the planet and there’s a true demand for a top excellent centre in our regional community to cultivate and expand the game.”
Player growth is your target, based on Norman Isaac. “The focus will be on full player growth by maximising a participant’s capacity through high intensity workouts. The focus will be on basketball skills, power, speed, endurance and improving basketball IQ to Boost and prepare every player by assessing their underlying strengths, work in their poorer aspects and prepare them for high level aggressive basketball,” added Isaac, the manager of the Academy and also FIBA technical assign who has officiated in over 200 global games.
Head trainer PS Santosh, a former Indian Army basketball player along with a capable FIBA World Association of Basketball Coach (WABC) also believes in working on the holistic growth of gamers by supplying them insights into nourishment, preparing them to decrease harms and also helping in quicker healing.
In light of this Covid-19 scenario, the academy is working under FIBA safety and health instructions so as to offer a safe atmosphere for those players.


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