Hyderabad: Osmania General Hospital’s junior physicians boycott responsibilities, serve strike notice | Hyderabad News


Document photo of the Osmania General Hospital

HYDERABAD: The junior physicians in the department of general surgery in the Osmania General Hospital (OGH) boycotted rehabilitation responsibilities, ward responsibilities and optional OT responsibilities on Tuesday on the issue of Elective Operating Theatres, Post Operative Ward and Wards for Elective Admissions not working correctly.
They also served a strike notice to the hospital police over the matter and held that an internal meeting late into the night over their plan of actions. Hospital Superintendent Dr B Nagender stated,”Operation theaters are set up according to government directives and we’ve taken proper precautions to make sure that surgeries are done in most sections. Even with PGs boycotting duties we’ve taken steps to prevent inconvenience to patients and also have taken measures to make sure that OP providers continue as normal.”
While senior physicians, professors, assistant professors and associate professors were pressed into service, the boycott of responsibilities will continue Wednesday also, ” said the junior physicians. “We, the Post-Graduates of Upgraded Department of General Surgery, according to previous representations awarded to Department, Superintendent of OGH along with the Manager of Medical Education on several events, newest being st September 2020 have produced requirements of provision of Elective OT’s for acting minor and major elective surgeries, supply of Oxygen-ready Article Operative Wards for home controlled patients from Elective and Emergency surgeries.
Additionally the supply of specified wards to accommodate patients admitted through OP (in both inpatient and inpatient buildings) in addition to providing suitable Oxygen vents and flow meters, monitors, resuscitative equipment, basic emergency medications is needed. As we have yet to be supplied with a decent solution for exactly the same, despite providing repeated representations, we now the Post Graduates of General Surgery Department have determined to boycott optional admissions,OPD’s and Ward Duties out of 08-09-2020 and may be boycotting Emergency providers later 48 hours when our requirements aren’t addressed,” browse the attack notice.


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