Gudur Narayana Reddy provides to install plasma bank when the Telangana govt provides approval and distance | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: Telangana Congress treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy, who’s also the president of Telangana Plasma Donors Association, on Tuesday offered to establish a Covid-19 plasma lender in the country when the state government offers necessary permission and distance.
Narayana Reddy made the deal through his Twitter manage in reaction to a previous discussion by IT Minister KT Rama Rao on April 6, 2020. KTR’d Tweeted,”Yesterday good buddy @kiranshaw phoned me and suggested we put a’Covid-19 blood bank’ in Telangana; using antibody-rich plasma from patients that had recovered in Covid-19. Have asked the Health Secretary and Commissioner to research farther.”
Reacting to KTR’s tweet, Narayana Reddy composed on his Twitter webpage,””Dear lively @KTRTRS where’s the wealthy Covid-19 plasma lender in Telangana? It has been over 4 weeks since you created this tweet, govt hasn’t set this up yet! If the government gives me space and permission, I am prepared to set this up in 48 hours together with my funds!”

Narayana Reddy stated ministry KTR shouldn’t adopt a casual strategy in the battle against Covid-19. “This really is a deadly virus that’s killing people. We have to act on a warfare foot foundation to research approaches to conserve as many lives as you can. Plasma treatment has given encouraging results up to now. We could have saved lots of lives when the State Government had created that the projected Plasma Bank four weeks ago. But, I am all set to establish the Plasma Bank together with my own capital, in case the State Government supplies required space and permission,” he explained.
He advised the Telangana Plasma Donors Association, he drifted, after he recovered from Covid-19, was producing excellent service to the public by inspiring tens of thousands of individuals who recovered from Covid-19 to contribute their plasma. He explained that the Bank was a fantastic idea and it needs to be implemented quickly without wasting time.


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