Covid lockdown: Stuck at Russia, three Telangana students eventually return home | Hyderabad News


HYDERABAD: Three clinical students from Telangana, that have been stuck in Russia because of Covid-19 situation, have returned to the nation, using their difficulty being consumed with the Union External Affairs Ministry from the Mahbubnagar district government.
Following repatriation, the pupils were sent into a quarantine centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan.
The Mahbubnagar district police talked to the Jaipur government and promised them that the pupils would be placed in house quarantine for 14 times and might also experience Covid. Observing this, the three reached their houses in Mahbubnagar.
The families of these pupils lacked Jadcherla legislator C Laxma Reddy and Mahbubnagar district collector S Venkat Rao for aid in bringing their kids home.
whenever the plight of these pupils was brought to the notice of Laxma Reddy, he took it up together with all the collector. The problem has been symbolized to the state authorities and also the support of the Union External Affairs Ministry was hunted to bringing the 3 pupils back to India.


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