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Assam health ministry Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that a SOP has been ready to execute an arrangement by Gauhati h.. . Read

GUWAHATI: Assam authorities on Friday has removed the daily nighttime curfew from 9 pm and weekend lockdowns since it implemented center’s unlock 4.0 guidelines, state chief secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna declared in his tweet Friday afternoon.
Health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated that a SOP has been ready to execute an arrangement by Gauhati high court to rigorously enforce the Covid-19 protocol. Chief Justice Ajai Lamba and justice Manish Choudhary while hearing a PIL on Thursday led authorities to be proactive about the roads and assess if the arrangement issued from the state health division on May 8 on sporting face masks and keeping social space in public areas are preserved or not. The court directed the country government to impose fine on the violators of government recommendations.
“We are dedicated to stick to the high court order and a meeting will be held together with law enforcement and deputy commissioners to make certain that the SOP being ready is executed. We don’t have a lot of tools , except to make sure that individuals wear masks and keep social space to confirm the circumstance. The high court arrangement will assist the authorities convince the public to take adequate preventative measures”, Sarma said.
The nation had made a decision to continue with all the constraints to include the spread of Covid-19 for four days stating that the fundamental Unlock 4.0 guidelines, which came into force from September 1,”have to be analyzed thoroughly” first.
After the fundamental principles, schools, schools, educational and training institutes may also stay closed for routine course activities in the country till September 30, however, pupils of course 9 into 12 are permitted to go to their colleges on voluntary basis and with written approval of parents to receive advice from educators only.
Likewise only 50percent of instruction and non-teaching employees are permitted to attend educational institutions in a time for internet instruction or tele-counselling and relevant functions only in areas out containment zones while ability and entrepreneurship training will be allowed with rigorous compliance of Covid-19 protocols and also based on guidelines issued by ministry of home affairs.
Higher educational institutions are permitted to operate just for research and inevitable lab and experimental functions but that will be enabled only on matter of mandatory SOP by Department of Higher Education.
On the flip side public transportation is going to be permitted to run from September 7 together with rigorous compliance of social bookmarking along with other Covid-19 protocols.
Social, educational, athletics, entertainment, cultural, spiritual, political purposes will be permitted with collecting of highest 100 persons at one time with effect from September 21 with compulsory wearing of face and upkeep of other COVID protocols currently issued
On the flip side union related parties will be limited to 50 men and final rite related parties will be limited to 20 persons in a time that will continue to remain in force until September 20, 2020 and 100 persons will be permitted to collect.
Cinema, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters and similar areas will stay closed.
Lockdown will stay in force in most containment zones until September 30 and containment zones will be demarcated by District Magistrates with clear delineation of boundaries of the exact same and with the only goal of breaking the chain of transmission of Covid-19 virus ensuring there is not any movement of individuals in or outside of these zones except for emergency and health care functions.
There will not be any limitations on inter-state and intra-state motions of goods and persons.


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