More than 40 Army men contribute plasma for Covid-19 therapy in Assam | Guwahati News


GUWAHATI: Responding to the Assam government’s petition, over 40 employees of Gajraj Corps of Indian Army that have recently recovered from Covid-19 contributed their blood plasma in Tezpur Medical College for treatment of different patients.
Defence PRO Lt Col P Khongsai stated,”Indian Army in cooperation with the State Health Department ordered a Plasma Donation Camp in Tezpur Medical College. More than 40 Army employees of Gajraj Corps, that have recently recovered from Covid-19, given their Plasma.”
State health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Lt Gen Shantanu Dayal, GOC Gajraj Corps as well as other military and civilian dignitaries graced the event. “In his announcement, the Assam health ministry recognised donations of Gajraj Corps from the struggle against Covid-19 and spoke very large of Indian Army and its ethos of helping the people of Assam in this time of need,” that the PRO said.


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