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The salf-help library at Papum Pare district Nirjuli region (left) took inspiration from people in Aizawl (appropriate…Read

Ngurang Meena, 30, a resident of Arunachal Pradesh’s Nirjuli, has been surfing Facebook when a photo of a young guy on a bicycle, reaching out by a very small box with shelves filled with books, grabbed her attention.
The quaint postbox-like arrangement was only a library; among the many’small free libraries‘ (LFLs) who have sprung up in Aizawl. The picture captivated Meena, sitting 800km off, and she set about making her very own LFL. A couple of weeks after, Arunachal obtained its own complimentary’Self-Help Library’ on August 30 at Nirjuli, a city of 10,000-15,000 individuals in Papum Pare district.
“I purchased books of a variety worth Rs 10,000 and invested the following Rs 10,000 to create the wooden catalog stall. I’ve maintained 70-80 novels there and the remainder are in my area,” said Meena, that has been encouraging the area’s kids to spend 15-20 moments in the library daily. “I’ve been asking the children to stop by the library by providing them snacks,” Meena laughed.
The goal of this LFL is to promote a studying habit. “Though my inspiration is Mizoram, I realise that Arunachal is quite different. Children have poor writing skills. I would like students of Courses IX-XII to enhance themselves by studying more,” Meena said, adding that the closest government library is at Naharlagun, 10kilometers off.
The library has obtained novels from two donors up to now. “I gave a dictionary along with 2 novels on UGC NET. I felt an impulse to find the library to get myself once I heard it,” explained Tamchi Gablo, 27, of Itanagar. “I couriered some novels by Dale Carnegie,” additional Prasanna Kumar Konch, a librarian at Arunachal’s Lohit district, a heart of this little library motion in the nation.
The library doesn’t have a protective glass yet, nor a lock. “I understand that books may be stolen. I’m not unduly concerned about this because I keep right contrary to the library,” said Meena, who runs an NGO. To look after the publications from rain damage, she’s hung some plastic sheets in the front of the booth.
Contrary to the LFLs in Aizawl, the Nirjuli library doesn’t lend novels yet. However, Meena added she would need to begin lending solutions to assist schoolboys get over their’humiliation’ at scanning in people. “I find them appearing in the library but don’t much else. They’d be comfortable borrowing books dwelling compared to studying with small kids,” she added.
Aizawl’s Lallaisangzuali Sailo, a librarian who began Mizoram’s first two LFLs with the assistance of a colleague, has a word of advice for Meena. “Frequently we see the novels we all deposit our LFLs are all gone. People today take ages to return books; a few do not return them whatsoever. Please do not get discouraged. Even if individuals take away novels, they are studying,” explained Lallaisangzuali, who put up two LFLS at Aizawl’s New Market and MZU Park at 2017.
Much like she had been motivated, Meena expects to inspire other people. “In Arunachal, each 100 metres you’ll get a wine store, so why not a library?” She explained.


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