Incense sticks: Cycle Pure Agarbathies inks treat Assam govt for bamboo job | Guwahati News


Assam businesses and trade minister Chandra Mohan Patowary. (Photo: @cmpatowary)

GUWAHATI: Mysuru-based N Ranga Rao & Sons (NRRS), India’s biggest agarbathi maker and manufacturers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies on Thursday has declared its affiliation with the Assam government for establishing a dedicated job for bamboo for incense sticks.
Discussing about the institution, state businesses and trade minister Chandra Mohan Patowary, stated,”The Assam Agarbatti Project will probably be Assam’s first significant step towards the bamboo-based market. The institution with Cycle Pure Agarbathies will guarantee assured market and evolution of excellent product therefore stimulating the rural market. This project will join the bamboo growers as well as the entrepreneurs using a significant agarbathi producing brands from the lines of Atma Nirbhar Bharat“.
A spokesman for NRRS stated that through this institution, NRRS will soon be expanding operational support and specialized know-how to manufacture bamboo sticks.
“This initiative will strengthen the supply chain and boost the value string for the creation of the bamboo sticks at the northeast area in accord with this Atma Nirbhar Bharat initiative. Each of the stakeholders from the bamboo sector in the northeast such as the farmers who harvest the pine as well as the entrepreneurs will gain from this initiative,” he explained.
The country authorities NRRS have identified 26 neighborhood entrepreneurs throughout whom the initiative is going to be rolled out. “All these 26 micro-entrepreneurs will ease substantial job in the rural regions of North East and also the job scales the job opportunity increases,” the spokesman added.
That really is a cluster development strategy that will deal with all issues of this distribution chain of bamboo, beginning from the farm, transport, processing, value developments, and finally the sale of bamboo sticks.
NRRS will work in tandem with the State Bamboo Development Agency (SBDA) to set a working prototype which will be designed especially with the cluster development strategy
The NRRS at a statement quoted Assam deputy mission manager and CEO of State Bamboo Development Agency, Dimpi Bora stating,”The goal of Assam Agarbatti Project is going to be cluster-based growth of Agarbatti business in Assam by linking coordinated farming, processing and Marketing together. This institution will further boost the rural market by creating rural labour”.
Talking about the institution, managing director of Cycle Pure Agarbathies Arjun Ranga stated,”We think in our government’s vision of Atma Nirbar Bharath. Our Assam State Bamboo Development Agency together with all the Assam Government helps in streamlining the production of bamboo sticks from the North East area. With this initiative, we need to set up a functioning model of entrepreneurship which may be replicate all our nation. Our state is blessed with plenty of renewable bamboo tools and with assistance from our government, we’ll completely localize bamboo procurement shortly”.
The NRRS group was set by N Ranga Rao in 1948 and has diversified into different business categories like operational air care products, health home fragrance products.


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