Baghjan gas nicely capped after 83 times, surgeries begin to douse fire | Guwahati News


Pros involved with the surgery after capping the nicely in Baghjan on Monday

DIBRUGARH: Pros were eventually able to cap Baghjan’s high-pressured gas nicely on Monday by successfully putting the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) in the well head following an 83-guzzling battle.
Putting the BOP effectively atop the well head was rather a challenging job for the specialist team contemplating its own weight and the insecure working environment round the blowout website as a result of extreme heat emanating from the well. It had been the third largest attempt produced by the well-control specialists from the Singapore-based Alert Disaster Control firm.
Following the effective capping, the”well murdering” operation will be completed to douse the flame and prevent the jets of condensate-mixed natural gas that was spewing uncontrollably because the afternoon of this blowout. Fluid and compound mud is going to be injected into the well within their well-killing operation.
“We’ve capped the Baghjan petrol nicely. Capping technically means putting the BOP on the well head. The gas is still flowing and the flame remains to be doused. Just after we kill the well, the gas flow is going to be trimmed along with the fire will be extinguished. The nicely killing operation begins tomorrow (Tuesday). If everything goes according to program, the killing procedure will probably be over in 24 to 36 hours,” OIL spokesperson Tridiv Hazarika said.
Monday’s well-intentioned performance by the attentive team was aided from the emergency management teams of OIL, ONGC and pros of international oilfield services Schlumberger. Before, their very first effort to cap the nicely on July 31 had was ineffective following the Athey wagon employed in the surgery toppled over because it had been not able to accept the load of the Blow Out Preventer. Likewise on August 10, while specialists successfully was able to set the BOP, it had to be unscrewed in the well head and brought down following one of both bull lines linked to all the Athey wagon snapped.
“The well-intentioned performance was initiated this afternoon along with the capping BOP stack was placed within the well head. The 16 studs also have been tightened. The preparations for murdering surgeries are on. The BOP as well as the lines attached to you’re being kept cool through constant spraying of water,” OIL’s statement .


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