Assam Gains: 132 creatures perish in Kaziranga | Guwahati News


The park police said that 73 creatures ( such as 10 rhinoceros died by drowning.

GUWAHATI: A total of 132 different creatures have lost their lives from the year’s first bout of flooding year in Kaziranga National Park until Monday.
The park police said that 73 creatures, such as 10 rhinoceros died by drowning and 17 hog deer and a wild boar succumbed after being struck by vehicles while they had been attempting to cross the federal highway which skirts the southern border of the park and then escape the flooding water into higher grounds.
The park police also told that one of the dead creatures are just four rhinoceros and 2 wild buffaloes, which had normal death while 18 additional hog dear expired because of’other’ motives during the flooding period.
The park police in the bulletin said that the dead creatures additionally contain 17 hog deer, that had been struck by vehicles after succumbed during therapy in Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC).
On the flip side woods officials, CWRC employees and local individuals have seen as many as 162 distinct injured animals, such as the 17 hog deer struck by automobile, which later succumbed. The park police included that 140 of those injured animals are released after therapy and another five are still under treatment.
Besides 53 hog deer, another creatures injured are just two pythons, one swamp deer, 1 Bengal Frolican, one Yellow Footed Green Pigeon plus also a Lesser Adjutant Stork, sustained injuries on account of the flooding, which have been rescued by forest officials.


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