Touch-free gates, cellular ventilators among startup thoughts Haryana authorities will examine | Gurgaon News


Gurgaon: By touch-free entrance gates at offices to portable ventilators, around 50 startups have submitted product and service ideas into the Haryana government to help combat Covid-19. This is part of a Covid containment effort launched by the country in April encouraging creations from new companies.
“The majority of these suggestions and ideas that we’ve obtained are about the health area and urban regional bodies. We’re studying the proposals and their viability in consultation with both of these divisions,” said a senior official by the department of information technologies, communication and electronics.
Citing examples, he said the businesses proposed to construct sterilisers, oxygen concentrators, touch-free admissions such as offices, portable ventilators and mobile sanitisation machines to earn containment drives more effective.
While a number of those thoughts have piqued government’s attention, they’re still in the model stages. “These ideas are great but we will need to examine the feasibility. With many thoughts still in the prototype stage, we are not convinced of their viability,” said the officer. He added that a few of the ideas associated with health didn’t possess the necessary standardisation.
Shortlisted ideas will be transmitted to the applicable departments, providing the startups a opportunity to work together with the authorities. But, there is not any assurance that these companies will bring orders.
If a number of those businesses are given contracts, aside from fostering the nation’s struggle against the pandemic, the effort will assuage the need of startups to be granted more government tenders.
New entrepreneurs have regularly complained that although the authorities is rooting for homegrown startups, not a lot of departments will willingly give them perform orders. To the end, Haryana government had established a policy at the year 2018 a policy to standardise the processes for procurement of products and services out of startupsif they have answers to the authorities real-time issues.


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