Sahara Theater in Gurugram sealed for flouting pollution standards | Gurgaon News


GURUGRAM: Sahara Theater , among the earliest commercial hubs of town situated on the Mehrauli-Gurugram street, has been sealed from the Haryana Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) for flouting anti-pollution standards, contamination control board officials said on Monday.
A group in the pollution control board together with responsibility magistrate Kartar Singh and contamination surroundings engineers Neha Saharan and Ujjwal Kumar attained the mall at about 7. 30 a.m. and sealed the whole complex.
According to officials, a sample in the sewerage treatment plant (STP) of this mall has been obtained in February. This was discovered to ben’t treated correctly.
“The mall jurisdiction wasn’t handling the STP water correctly that’s a very clear breach of the pollution standards. We’d served a note to the mall jurisdiction in February but they have not taken any action up to now,” said Kuldeep Singh, regional officer, contamination management board.
He explained that the samples of this STP were shot in 2018 and in the time and the section had slapped a penalty of Rs two. 50 lakh about the mall government because of breach of pollution control standards.
The board had closed the STP afterward and it’s yet to get acceptance for resumption of operations however, the mall police were conducting it without notifying the board.
“The mall direction without damaging the sewerage water utilized to ditch it out that’s gross neglect on the part of the mall authorities. Thus activity was initiated,” Singh explained.
Aside from that, the store owners also protested from the mall government with this negligence.
“I’m paying approximately Rs 60,000 as upkeep to the mall management to prevent any inconvenience however we had no idea the mall jurisdiction has obtained detected from the contamination section ,” a shop owner in the mall stated.
Another store owner stated,”First the continuing Covid-19 pandemic hit our company challenging. We’re facing staff crunch and monetary development too and today this sealing will affect our company.”
Meanwhile, the board is currently likely to file a lawsuit against the mall direction from the environmental court.
“The mall management isn’t taking our note seriously and always disobeying HSPCB warning. We’ll shortly file a lawsuit against the jurisdiction and impose hefty punishment according to the standards,” Singh explained.
“We will enable the mall to function only when they match each of the standards and get required permissions in the courtroom,” he added.
Despite many efforts the mall government weren’t able to be contacted.


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