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Gurgaon: A deputy prison superintendent has been detained on Wednesday for allegedly conducting a medication and SIM card distribution racket in Bhondsi jail, among the biggest prisons in the nation where he had been posted as deputy jailer. Dharambir Chautala (45) was strangely attracted back to Bhondsi prison in 2018 after leaving under a cloud in 2017; he had been transferred into Panchkula following a high number of cellular phones were captured from inside the prison premises.
Authorities said Chautala was captured red-handed getting a packet of medication and SIM cards by a peddler in his quarters in the prison premises on Wednesday. The deputy jailer supposedly had in his possession 250 g of charas and 11 4G SIM cards. The prison, which houses 815 convicts among its two,224 offenders, has been pliant and officials are detained on previous events for helping provide phones, SIMs and even drugs. This is the very first time, however, an officer in the level of deputy jailer was discovered to be involved.
Ravi alias Goldy, the sole supposedly supplying the medication into Chautala, was also detained and charged under provisions of the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.
Resources stated Chautala created a killing providing drugs and SIM cards into the offenders at quite substantial prices. As an example, a 4G SIM card could be offered for Rs 20,000 whereas a gram of charas would cost an inmate Rs 4,000. Since ordinary phone calls are simple to monitor, inmates utilize 4G SIMs to make calls through WhatsApp also download different programs on the world wide web.
There have regularly been allegations that some of gangsters and criminals lodged within Bhondsi prison utilize cellular phones to issue extortion risks to businessmen and conduct their gangs from in the prison. Jammers installed within the prison are hardly of any use. These previous devices have the capability to block calls just from 2G SIMs. Although authorities have registered several instances associated with danger calls from gangsters lodged in prison, the clinic has continued . Kaushal, among Gurgaon’s most desired gangsters, had told investigators after his arrest last year a range of his gang members lodged in Bhondsi prison were connected with him during WhatsApp calls. Even strategies for murders were pictured within the prison, he’d confessed.
Gurgaon police commissioner KK Rao stated on Thursday that officers at the prison was under scrutiny. “We’d been keeping watch. A deputy prison superintendent was arrested together with a drug peddler. They had been captured with 250 g of charas and 11 SIM cards,” Rao said.
ACP (offense ) Preet Pal Sangwan said the authorities had obtained a tipoff about a current source of medication and SIM cards within the prison and were functioning on the data for the previous two weeks. “We had information which medication could be provided from the prison on Wednesday night. We followed our guide and detained the prison officer from within his quarters together with the drug peddler,” he explained.
Chautala remains in the prison quarters along with his loved ones. Officers said they had been attempting to learn if more officials were involved in the racket. “We’re looking for out the origin of the medication and when other men and women are involved in providing them” the ACP said. Ravi, the peddler, is from Lucknow and remains in a rented home in Wazirabad.
In December this past year, prison warden Phool Mohammad was booked under the NDPS Act in Bhondsi police station and others. Phool had come from the prison on his motorcycle and fulfilled Mohit (21) and Bablu (26) at Bhondsi to get a packet of medication when he was captured. Police then thought that Phool wasn’t alone and has been acting on behalf of several senior officers. “We’d been imagining the involvement of jail officials. Without them, phones and drugs can not reach the offenders in prison,” Rao said.
Jail superintendent Harvinder Singh, who joined two weeks ago, said that he was too new to comment on the alleged nexus between officials and offenders in providing drugs within Bhondsi prison. Chautala was published in Bhondsi jail from 2015 to 2017 prior to being moved. “Chautala was suspended previously in certain circumstance. We’re attempting to learn what that situation was suspended,” ACP Sangwan said.


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