Haryana: Sensors to keep tab on water source at Karnal | Gurgaon News


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By: Amit Kumar
KARNAL: Beneath the Smart City project, water distribution to the city is going to be attached to the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). The board of directors has given the nod to the job, which is predicted to generate the water distribution system more effective and efficiently track its functioning. Tender for the job will be known soon.
Resources stated SCADA is a computer-based control system that collects and analyses real-time information to monitor and track distribution. It’ll be operated by a team in the Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) under construction in Sector 12.
The staff will identify regions facing problems like leaking water or sewerage pipes, water tanks not filling up or degraded along with also the operation of tubewell motors. Tubewells could be switched off or on in the ICCC room. To fortify water supply, yards and detectors will be set up in each of the present 165 and 25 proposed tubing tunnels, three booster channels and also 150 crucial factors identified throughout the city.


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