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CHANDIGARH: The Haryana authorities has issued a high alert following a swarm of locusts entered Rewari and also Gurugram districts, together with officials on Saturday claiming that all necessary steps are taken, such as deploying tractor-mounted spraying centers . Swarms of locusts from Rajasthan after passing through Mahendragarh district of Haryana settled in a variety of cities of Jatusana and also Khol cubes in Rewari district on Friday evening.
On Saturdaythey moved towards Jhajjar and entered Gurugram district with pests covering the skyline in certain pieces of their”century town “.
Alarmed in the intrusion of their locusts, which settled on trees, rooftops and plants, several inhabitants of Gurugram shared videos by their high tech perches.
At many areas in Gurugram, residents kept their windows closed to prevent the pests from entering houses.
“It was a massive swarm of 5 kilometers in length and 2 km in diameter that passed via Mahendragarh and settled in Rewari. At the nighttime time, this swarm was close to Jatusana block,” additional principal secretary, farmers and agriculture welfare division, Sanjeev Kaushal told.
“Heavy insecticide spray has been done during the evening and early morning. Approximately 35 percent of this swarm was ruined, but the remainder that was nevertheless uge in amount took off out there and spanned Jhajjar district and then captured on to Gurugram,” he explained.

Kaushal reported that in accordance with the inputs he’d obtained from the central authorities,”it is probable that by the wind speed and direction, it (locust swarm) will cross Palwal district and might subsequently head towards Uttar Pradesh”.
Concerning the steps taken by the Haryana government, he explained,”We’re completely on awake, our districts are alerted. We’ve got sufficient amounts of insecticides saved there. We’ve got tractor-mounted spray guns and those were set up wherever required.”
Officials stated locusts entered Rewari district, they settled on trees and standing plants such as cotton and bajra, which was recently planted.
Any harm caused has been assessed, they stated.
To take stock of this circumstance, state Agriculture Minister J P Dalal seen Rewari and enquired from villagers and officials concerning the harm brought on by locusts.
Speaking to colleagues in Rewari, Dalal stated Mahendragarh, Bhiwani, Jhajjar and Rewari districts were placed on alert on Friday itself.
Around Rewari district, ” he explained 15 fire tenders, apart from many tractor-mounted spray centers were pushed into service through a night-long procedure, which was completed and monitored by Deputy Commissioner Yashendra Singh.
Dalal stated even specialists from the central authorities who seen Rewari to take stock of this situation had enjoyed the timely steps taken by the district government.
Replying to a query, he explained that although the locusts are air-borne there wasn’t much that can be achieved and steps are taken just when they’ve settled back on trees and in areas.
In most cities in which locusts were seen, the farmers conquer’thalis’ (plates) and other utensils in an effort to ward off the insects off while local government deployed tractor-mounted spray centers.
Officials in the agriculture and other sections were maintaining a close watch whilst oversight teams were formed to tackle the circumstance. Village-level WhatsApp groups had been shaped to help keep the farmers educated the officials said.
per month ago also Haryana had issued a high alert following locust swarms had assaulted plants in neighbouring Rajasthan and also some other nations, but fortunately the pests had moved away in the nation.
Previously in January, locusts were seen at certain cities in Punjab’s Fazilka and Muktsar districts but had been efficiently contained afterward.
Locusts, popularly called”tiddi dal”, are short-horned grasshoppers with highly migratory customs and voracious feeding behaviour.


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