Covid-19: 1 departure, 33 fresh instances in Kurukshetra; tally spans 1,000 | Gurgaon News


KURUKSHETRA: The district listed its 19th passing because of Covid-19, as a lady with comorbidities on Monday night, said civil Doctor Dr Sukhbir Singh.
“A 52-year-old girl of Shahabad city of Kurukshetra district died of Covid-19 in MMIMSR, Mullana on Monday night. She had been also a patient of diabetes, blood pressure, and pneumonia and was declared at LNJP civil hospital, Kurukshetra on August 14. She was afterwards called to MMIMSR, Mullana, in which she died in the night on Monday, August 17”, stated Dr Sukhbir.
With 33 new favorable instances of Covid-19 at Kurukshetra, the instance tally has jumped to 1,011 on Tuesday, together with 373 active circumstances, stated Dr Sukhbir.
As many as 27 patients have discharged from hospital, requiring the retrieval depend to 619 daily.
“Together with the recovery speed of 61. 22 percent, the instance tally reached 1,011 at Kurukshetra on Tuesday, of that, 619 patients obtained discharged, 19 expired and 373 are busy instances”, stated Dr Sukhbir.
But, the Haryana health division IDSP bulletin dated August 18 is citing 17 deaths in Kurukshetra district.
When requested about information mismatch, Dr Sukhbir explained,”The information will probably get updated as occasionally the reports have been updated ”


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