Margoa jeweller Killed: Goa police detain 2 in Margoa jeweller murder instance | Goa News


A Goa Police barricade

PANAJI: Crime division of Goa police arrested accused from St Cruz from the wee hours of Thursday at Margoa jeweller murder case and passed over to Margoa authorities for additional investigation.
Authorities said there might be participation of people in the circumstance. Speaking to TOI, south Goa SP Pankaj Kumar Singh stated”The practice of interrogation remains on.”
Authorities stated that since they weren’t able to follow the individual from CCTV footage, they decided to trace his own pal and through him, authorities arrested the accused.
A jeweller was stabbed at his store in the heart of Margao on Wednesday. Chasing the assailant and shedding blood quickly, Swapnil Walke (41) dropped out the shop and died before he is carried to hospital.
While it was originally assumed that an effort to commemorate the store could have caused the scuffle, authorities stated they are exploring all angles.
A sniffer dog has been pushed into service, and a group of forensic specialists scrutinized the crime scene. “During preliminary investigations, nothing was reported missing from the stores, but we are investigating all angles.”


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