Labour of love: 3 educators traveling 90kilometers to instruct pupils | Goa News


The educators traveling from Canacona into the distant villages of Netravali

POINGUINIM: For the last several weeks, three teachers out of Canacona have shrunk almost 90kilometers three times every week to guarantee uninterrupted schooling for at least 30 of the students residing in the distant reaches of their Sanguem taluka.
Sanjay Gaonkar, Madhukar Velip and Damodar Velip instruct in the Balram residential high college at Poinguinim, Canacona, that has boarders from as far off as Netravali, Verlem, Tudav and Saljini, amongst others. The majority of these regions are deprived of all kinds of growth.
Fourteen of the college’s pupils are from Verlem, six from Tudav, three from Saljini, six from Patta and three out of Mangal. Even though the Netravali village panchayat is nearly 30km in the college, the cities of Verlem, Saljini and Tudav are just another 18kilometers from the insides of Netravali.
After the lockdown was enforced, the college’s enterprising teachers, entirely conscious how cut their pupils will be with no online connectivity, took it upon themselves to take the faculty to their pupils. Following the new academic year started, they just continued what they’d begun in March.
Gaonkar, Madhukar and Damodar teach the kids in science and maths and courses are conducted together with all seriousness as though they could have been in college with notes, worksheets, work-related and duties.
Both aren’t the sole teachers of this faculty to have taken up the duty with such zeal. Some others have and continue to visit these villages every now and then to run courses.
“We appreciate the efforts and enthusiasm of those teachers who if rain or shine, not, and inadequate street states however, have come into our village to educate our kids,” Netravali sarpanch Archana Gaonkar, stated.
Deputy sarpanch Abhijit Desai also commended the teachers for their work. “The parents and kids are thankful to the teachers,” he explained.


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