Goa: Terrible monsoon brings sun, however heavy rains from Monday | Goa News


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PANAJI: The south west monsoon will likely be feeble over Goa around June 27, the India meteorological department (IMD) said.
The weakening of this has attracted clearer sky in most areas of the country with only mild rain being recorded previously 48 hours in distinct rain gauge stations in Goa. But a flow from the southwest Bay of Bengal is very likely to reignite the monsoon action from the country after June 27.
Really mild to mild rainfall occurred at several places over the country on Thursday. But due to the diminished happening, no weather warnings over the the areas of the country have been issued from the IMD for another 3 days beginning from June 25.
“We can anticipate light rain activity, nevertheless,” IMD scientist, Rahul M stated.
He blamed the reason behind those trickles to deficiency of weather systems which could enhance the windspeed or monsoon activity over the nation.
Although there’s absolutely not any probability of heavy rain , the action is very likely to pick up at the forthcoming days. Based on IMD scientists, after June 27, a flow will form across the southwest Bay of Bengal which will probably enhance the monsoon action. The IMD has issued a prediction saying that heavy rain is quite likely at isolated places on June 28 and 29.
“Here normal monsoon action will last for just two to three times. But this doesn’t indicate it is going to be completely dry. The state will get a couple of spells of mild to moderate rain” Rahul said.


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