Goa: TCP informs 65 change of zone requests under Section 16B ) | Goa News


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PANAJI: The city and country planning department (TCP) has advised 65 asks for change of zone at the Regional Plan 2021. Affected persons are requested to submit their understanding in just two months. Except for 2 suggestions, the rest of the asks seek conversion of property into reimbursement region under Section 16B of this TCP Act.
The requests for change of zone pertain to property marked as orchard, organic cover and paddy areas.
Of the 65 asks, TCP has rejected 20 software, all of these in Ponda taluka, since the property is allowed as a secure reserve woods. Nine requests are deferred until a slope evaluation and site review could be conducted.
The residual asks for change of zone, that have been allowed provisional clearance, are subject to public understanding and reports by the agriculture, forest and water resources sections, principal city planner Rajesh Naik stated.
“The TCP Board had directed the suggestions should be printed and comments in the public be hunted. Additional deliberation will occur after receipt of reports in relevant departments and on receipt of opinions, if any, in the general public, following two weeks,” the notification said.
At its own 168th meeting held on January 27, that the TCP Board examined the suggestions and had advocated that they should be advised for public opinions. Copies of the maps along with also a note containing the suggested changes are kept for inspection in the TCP office. .


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