Goa: Stranded Nepal employees eventually make travel house | Goa News


30 employees from Nepal abandoned Goa on Tuesday by bus to Gorakhpur at UP

PANAJI: As employees from different nations made by Shramik Special trains, people from Nepal were abandoned stranded at Goa. It’s when a worker from Nepal itself, Nema Om Kar Pun, detected the plight of his fellow nationals and opted to help that ultimately the way was paved for its stranded migrants to go back to their nation.
Seeing the massive job undertaken with a easy casino worker such as Om Kar, citizen volunteers threw their weight behind him. As part of their attempts, the sixteenth bus using a few of the previous batch of 30 employees from Nepal abandoned Goa on Tuesday.
“My company was caring for me and was supplying food for me along. However, I noticed few bad employees from Nepal on the brink of begging following the lockdown has been declared. I had a number of my wages cash with me and I chose to assist them with meals. Finally, I found a lot more from my nation and chose to help them create the travel house,” said Om Kar.
Then he ordered a bus to the very first batch to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh with no threat of disease. “From there, the employees spanned in the edge to Nepal and I received their villagers to organize for the forward journey. The employees paid to their fare and I’d chip in where funds dropped short. However, I did the paperwork in my like accepting permissions in the different state authorities,” said Om Kar.
He soon discovered help from citizen volunteers, that besides financing the ride for people who can’t manage it also guaranteed that the employees had adequate food stocks to the 3 day travel from Goa to Gorakhpur.
A donor located in US Sudhir Rao and Goa-based volunteers Deepika D’Souza and Nupura Hautamaki from businesses such as Goa Humanitarian Helpline and Covid-19 Goa People’s Replies, besides many others extended assistance to Om Kar.
“After the first batch attained firmly, I realisd I could assist many more. Whether there continue to be employees from Nepal abandoned, I’ll assist them,” said Om Kar.


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