Goa: Rain action to pick up speed following week of humidity | Goa News


Maximum temperatures on Friday-Saturday was approximately 31 degrees C

PANAJI: From the absence of any substantial weather systems prevailing close to the Goa coast over the previous week, along with cloud formations relatively less, many areas of Goa have experienced hardly any rain lately. Although the maximum temperature hasn’t crossed 31 levels C still, the weather total has been quite humid.
Pros from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Panaji, pointed out when there’s little rain for two to three times, the fever is predicted to grow by a couple of levels than that of those rainy times. The most temperature as of Friday-Saturday was about 31 levels, they stated.
Following last week’s torrential downpour throughout the country, followed with a brief hiatus, Goa was expected to see a resurrection of rain activity from July 23-24. This was due to the likely flow over the Kerala coast. The northward movement of the weather system, however, is quite slow and hasn’t reached the latitude of Goa.
“For the country to get good rain, the end must be westerly or south west. Now they are southerly because of that clouds were moving largely parallel to the country’s shore,” IMD scientist Rahul M stated.
IMD had, nevertheless, forecasted a change in end pattern because of that winds were scheduled to become southwesterly on Saturday late night, thus ushering in rain.
“The rain showers which will follow might not be so long as the showers experienced a week. Although, because we’re at the mid-season of this monsoon, showers of one hour or 2 also hit the’hefty’ mark,” Rahul said.
Because of the, IMD has issued a heavy rain warning in isolated areas for Sunday. Winds of rate 30-40kmph have also been forecast for Sunday.
IMD can be celebrating a flow above the Bay of Bengal. It’s presently remote from the Eastern shore and might not have a lot of influence over rain action in Goa, but has been tracked for intensification and its motion across the Eastern shore.
“When it reaches the best distance in a hierarchical place, rain increase over Goa by late next week,” Rahul said.


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