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MARGAO: If matka king Pro Poojari was shot dead by hired gunmen in Khareband, Margao, on November 23, 1999, it had been Goa’s oldest epiphany about arms along with the underworld. Six months after, on August 18, 2000, Poojari’s close friend and also an eyewitness for his murder, Mohammed Pandiyal, was gunned down.
annually after Pandiyal’s murdering, Goa police detained a history-sheeter and claimed to have regained country-made firearms , hi-tech pen pistols, a telescopic gun, revolvers and a gun.
But two years later, the illegal gun possession in the nation has experienced a metamorphosis–by being a sign of violent underworld gangs into becoming a status symbol.
The illegal gun trade in Goa is one of the worst kept secrets. It functions mostly through middlemen, who set orders into the (prohibited ) traders, who in turn furnish the arms for bringing the consignment to their customers.
“The traders, the majority of the instances, don’t even know who their customers are. Everything lies with all the middlemen, and they’re people who endure the reduction or face the consequences in the event of a botched-up trade,” a police officer said.
Resources stated deals can readily be struck by any area labour-class migrant hailing from areas like populous countries, Rajasthan, Bihar and West Bengal, that are too prepared to obtain a gun out of their native countries –and create a fast buck.
“When the middleman can feel your urgency, he’ll offer you the katta he purchased for Rs 10,000 for upwards of Rs 1 lakh. But in case you have some understanding of arms, then it is possible to bargain hard and get it 10,000 also,” said a senior police officer.
“There might be many one of the migrant workforce who can have a criminal history and may have discovered Goa for a safe escape path. To shield themselves from their opponents back home, there is every chance they have a gun, and needless to say, an unlicenced one. Nearly all of this migrant work force is engaged in the industrial property,” the police officer said.
The porous India-Nepal border additionally eases smuggling of arms, a few of which invariably property from Goa, said Sujit Ali (name changed to protect identity), who possessed several illegal firearms. He must know, for he’d flown Nepal while on the run before he had been detained.
Ali also disclosed a number of the means in which arms are recorded illegally in Goa, in addition to a number of the tricks used in the transaction.
“Befriend a migrant worker from north or populous countries and win his trust. If you’re on a shoe-string budget, then this is the path to test,” Ali explained.
The next path, Ali explained, is sourcing the arms in the gray market. “When a seaman has sufficient understanding of firearms, he can quickly secure it in the gray market abroad and find resourceful ways to ship it around to you. I know of many who’ve secured firearms in this way,” he explained.
The next is for all those, Ali stated, that are wealthy. “As it’s tough and time-consuming to find a license for firearms, I’ll approach my buddy with an arms permit, and request him to buy a gun. An arms permit allows you to keep around three weapons”
Ali said girls are also utilized as a trade-in to purchase prohibited arms, thereby indicating that gun trafficking additionally promotes flesh commerce.
Goa’s tryst with shootouts and prohibited firearms has been around for over two years now. Seems like, not much has changed since then.


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