Goa: Kattem-Baina locals fume over bad info regarding Covid-19 instances | Goa News


VASCO: Residents of Kattem-Baina on Wednesday demanded they are advised if any individual tests positive for Covid-19 within their area following a guy in his twenties that showed symptoms of this virus was seen roaming freely from the ward. They also maintained that his family was making regular trips into the marketplace.
Upset residents subsequently called their ward councillor simply to be advised that the guy had been shot into the Covid care center in Shiroda on Tuesday.
Insufficient data about Covid-19 instances in their area and poor efforts at sanitising regions where instances are detected have contributed to residents demanding that standard operating procedures (SOP) be followed in right earnest to decrease the probability of the virus spreading.
Mormugao deputy collector Sachin Dessai stated,”If any Covid positive individual is seen drifting and an official whine is registered, an FIR could be lodged. The family also must self-quarantine”.
“The police have failed in subsequent SOPs. They might have educated us around Covid-19 instances in our construction so that we can take suitable measures. Until date, our construction hasn’t yet been sanitised. My loved ones and I’ve opted to self-quarantine for seven days at our apartment,” explained Kevin D’Silva, that resides in the construction in Chicalim in which councillor Pascoal D’Souza lived. D’Souza succumbed to the virus earlier this season.
Poorwa Colvalkar, an assistant professor in New Vaddem, maintained that though there was a Covid-19 case hardly 20m away from her property, the police didn’t sanitise the region.
Chairperson of the Mormugao Municipal Council MMC Nandadeep Raut place the onus on the agent of every ward to keep a track of instances. “When it comes to sanitisingwe ship our employees. However, for this, the councillor or sailors must approach us.”


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