Goa: Heavy showers extract water levels at reservoirs upward by 3-6percent | Goa News


Heavy rains lashed Panaji combined with different areas of the country on Tuesday.

PANAJI: Only five days following the met department declared the beginning of monsoon at Goa, the nation received heavy rain, particularly on Tuesday. All these showers have contributed to the country’s reservoirs showing rapid signs of rejuvenation.
Selaulim, Goa’s largest reservoir that provides water to many of the rural South Goa along with the significant cities of Margao and Mormugao, amongst others, saw its own water level go up by 6 percent at only 24 hours, on Tuesday. The dam amount stood 34% after the heavy showers obtained daily.
Through the monsoon, if the Selaulim dam nears capacity, hundreds of tourists and locals see the dam to observe that the water trickle over. The dam’s imperial Duck Bill spillway is a special construction in India and also the first of its type in Asia.
Likewise, water amounts in Amthane dam climbed by 3 percent over 24 hours and stood in 54% total on Tuesday.
The reservoir provides raw water to treatment plants which provide drinking water to Bardez and portions of Bicholim taluka.
The Chapoli reservoir at Canacona found water levels go up by 3 percent to 60percent capacity. Gaunem reservoir also enhanced considerably to touch 28percent capacity.
In 2019, Goa received excess rain, which had ensured that water levels from the country’s reservoir didn’t dip into the typical levels throughout the summertime.
On Tuesday, only the water amounts in Goa’s second biggest reservoir, Anjunem at Sattari, was to increase.
Anjunem has been 14% complete daily. Same was the case with all the panchawadi reservoir, which was 11percent complete.


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