Goa government attempts to enable cops to detain vandals sans warrant | Goa News


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PANAJI: The state cabinet on Wednesday approved a change which enables police officers to detain without warrant any person who is”about to commit” any defacement of public land .
The Goa Prevention of Defacement of Home Act, 1998 (amendment) Bill, 2020, will even let cops arrest without warrant anyone who disfigures, destroys or demolishes public land, in addition to make them compensate the country for its reduction.
An official stated the Act was initially brought in to avoid the defacement of public land. Nonetheless, in the lack of proper (preventative ) provisions, vandals can certainly perpetrate these offences, ” he explained.
Therefore, the bill attempts to include Section 3A to recoup losses. Though the Act’s Department 6 categorizes offences under the legislation as cognisable and bailable, an amendment was proposed that makes those offenses cognisable and non-bailable.
The officer stated that the change to the Act was sought as a way to inculcate discipline and a sense of responsibility among the general public. If the bill passes, members of the public participating in defacement is going to be forced to cover the reduction as measured by the district collector, that will repair the amount after having a report by PWD and issuing a show cause notice to the vandal.
After affording the individual a hearing loss, the collector will then guide them to cover the loss incurred from the authorities or some other individual.


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