Goa: Covid hospital occupancy at 80 percent, ICU total | Goa News


MARGAO: The nation’s lone Covid hospital currently has an occupancy of 80% using its six-bedded ICU full of
The 218-bedded hospital had an occupancy of 177 patients on Friday. Two of the six patients in the ICU are on invasive ventilation.
You will find 13 patients on noninvasive venting (NIV) from the hospital 20 bedded intensive therapy unit (ITU) that was put up to decongest the ICU. Considerable patients that need NIV and healthcare are accommodated in the ITU. They’re transferred to the ICU should they turn crucial.
Individuals from the ICU have hypertension, chronic kidney with hypertension, diabetes severe respiratory distress syndrome and other co-morbidities along with a young individual in overdue 30’s.
Approximately 50 patients one of the 177 patients at the hospital are on oxygen.
A vast majority of the admitted to the hospital are older citizens, a health official said.
“From the first days, the patients at the Covid hospital included the fit and young that were asymptomatic. Ever since that time, elderly persons and people that have co-morbidities have contracted the virus out of young men and women. The patients now in the hospital when compared with the asymptomatic confessed in the first days, are extremely sick,” the official stated.
Few of those favorable individual’s relatives that are also favorable act as caretakers to their own relatives. There are just two caretakers from the hospital (that aren’t positive), compensated for by the sufferers. The hospital provides that the caretakers with PPE, food and lodging.
The clinic includes 76 vents for venting and contains 80 ventilators for individuals. The hospital also sees more transports (to Covid centers ) than discharges daily.
The hospital has been spread across five floors and the ground floor with its operation theater, paediatric ward, ICU, ITU, management department, radiology etc.


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