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The outpost was adjacent to a bathroom and trash bins, resulting in a health hazard

VASCO: It has been a year because the authorities outpost in the last bus stop in ward no. 21 at New Vaddem, Vasco, was closed as a result of health problems reported from the policemen stationed there. This has resulted in anti-social elements once more indulging in criminal actions in this region.
Councillor of the region Yatin Kamurlekar, stated,”Ever since I have elected in October 2016, taxpayers would whine that anti inflammatory elements are making a nuisance in the region. They said these youth and men get together and drink alcohol and even too medications ”
A little overbridge which joins Brand New Vaddem with NH 17-B in Shantinagar became an area of concern. At nighttime, folks going on obligation to the Dabolim airport were occasionally waylaid and robbed. Kamurlekar then asked that the then Vasco PI to prepare a police outpost in the final bus stop.
Considering that a part of ward no. 21 belongs to the Dabolim constituency, Kamurlekar also approached Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho, who subsequently gave them a little shop in the region and an outpost was set up in August 2017.
Considering that the outpost was alongside some Sulabh toilet and trash bins, amid unhygienic conditions, police employees posted there began complaining of health problems. “We couldn’t even have our meals in the outpost. Occasionally we would smoke,” an origin from the Vasco police station told TOI. In under a year, the outpost in New Vaddem was closed down mid-2018.
It has been over a year today because the outpost has stopped working, and residents have begun complaining. Ulhas Shirodkara tailor that remains in the area, stated,”In the evenings, we can’t allow our girls to move outside as we’re fearful of these collections of guys who’ve made this place their den.” Many taxpayers, on condition of anonymity, stated these non-toxic elements collect and drink, take drugs and indulge in eve-teasing.
Vasco police inspector Nilesh Rane stated,”We continuously monitor that place. We’ve booked many instances under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) Act and the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (COTPA) Act.”
When contacted, panchayats minister and Dabolim MLA Godinho stated,”There’s a demand of a police outpost at New Vaddem. The government has begun the process along with the job order will be issued shortly for the new outpost.
He added that the new outpost will come up in precisely the exact same spot as before, but”there is going to be a wall constructed involving the new outpost as well as the sulabh bathrooms”.


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