Drug-fuelled parties being held in private condos in Goa: Michael Lobo | Goa News


Michael Lobo

PANAJI: Science and technology ministry Michael Lobo said on Monday that drug-fuelled parties are being held in private condos and bungalows from the country, also requested chief minister Pramod Sawant to make sure normal raids to crack down on these.
Caution that when the government shies away from handling the menace,”Goa will end up like Punjab”, the ministry stated that in the country’s insides, parties are being organised in guesthouses and farmhouses which are shut.
“I’ve appraised the CM that like the raid conducted by the crime branch at the Arpora instance, similar raids must be constantly conducted. We won’t tolerate anybody promoting medication from the coastal belt,” that the Calangute MLA explained. He was speaking to a celebration on Saturday night that was divided by Goa authorities, who captured cocaine, bliss, MDMA along with other medications worth Rs 9 lakh.
Lobo has also asked Sawant to convene a meeting of MLAs of both constituencies across the north Goa coastal belt as well as authorities. In addition, he said the authorities should maintain strict vigil across the coastal belt and the insides and run raids, particularly on weekends.
Commenting in a previous celebration, a farewell organised with a 22-year old Russian girl which ended in a violent altercation, Lobo stated that if not to the struggle, the party wouldn’t have come into light. A lot of those who attended these celebration are kids of prominent families. “When kids of spouses take part in these actions, parents do not want cases to be filed from their kids,” he explained.
Reacting to the charges created by the resistance and mentioning the Arpora instance, Lobo stated,”When the raid hadn’t been conducted, it might indicate the authorities, the crime division and the anti-narcotics mobile aren’t working,” he stated,”If authorities doesn’t do the job, then allegations are throw on the authorities. In cases like this, the authorities acted.”


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