Difficult to keep Cabo, fresh Raj Bhavan shortly: Goa CM Pramod Sawant | Goa News


Goa CM Pramod Sawant (File photo)

PANAJI: CM Pramod Sawant stated on Friday that the state government has decided to build a fresh Raj Bhavan, also that first processes like identification of property and its layout may be tendered before April next year.
Sawant told TOI that the decision was taken after a PWD report it is now hard to fix and take care of the construction. The Cabo, that houses the Raj Bhavan, has been the chair of energy through the Portuguese era, along with home of the governor general. While the precise date of construction of this structure isn’t understood, it’s known to be 1534, based on its official site.
“It is an old arrangement and it’s been repaired and preserved by the authorities for a long time,” Sawant said. “According to the reports received, it’s time to select a brand new one. When the new Raj Bhavan is assembled, the current one at Dona Paula is going to be maintained and preserved as a heritage monument”
Chief secretary Parimal Rai stated that the new Raj Bhavan must have enough space for 3 helicopters to property. Principal primary engineer, PWD, Uttam Parsekar, stated the upkeep of the present building would be carried out nicely.


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