Sonu Punjaban: Delhi: Sonu Punjaban sentenced to 24 years’ imprisonment in prostitution, human trafficking instance | Delhi News


FILE: Sonu Punjaban together with her group. TOI

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court on Wednesday sentenced Geeta Arora alias Sonu Punjaban to 24 years in prison in connection with a prostitution and human trafficking situation detecting that she doesn’t have right to reside in civilized society also deserves the severest punishment.
Further sessions judge Pritam Singh also slapped a fine of Rs 64,000 on her. The court sentenced another accused Sandeep Bedwal to 20 years imprisonment and requested him to pay a fine of Rs 65,000 as well.
The court noted that because of offences committed against the victim, her schooling in addition to her youth was forced hell and advocated a settlement of Rs 7 lakh to the victim and also led the Delhi Legal Service Authority to do the needful.
“She (punjaban) liberally administered medication into the victim so that she couldn’t withstand a client (guy ), that would sexually exploit her. She implemented chilly powder onto the breast of the sufferer and put it into her mouth so as to create fear in her head that she needs to behave according to her wishes differently be prepared to confront brutality,” the court observed in its own purchase.
The court noted the Sonu Punjaban not just bought the sufferer for prostitution however she brutalized her to create her surrender to her needs.
“The modesty of a girl is alongside her soul. The way the girl can outrage and brutalize the modesty of another girl, who’s modest, in this horrible way. The black acts of convict Sonu Punjaban deprives her of some leniency in the courts. A individual, no matter sex, that does such dreadful and terrible actions, doesn’t have right to reside in a civilized society and also for her very best location to live would be in the four borders of the prison,” the order stated.
“At this age women not merely go to college but they like their youth when playing with their buddies and revel in the security of the parents. On the other hand, the victim had suffered physical and psychological injury at the hands of the convicts and their partners,” it added.
The court observed it is well-known that the victim of sexual offences not merely faces psychological and bodily harm but can also be exposed to societal stigma and in the majority of the instances they must modify their residence that also causes financial losses to the victim or their loved ones.
The court needed on July 16 convicted Sonu Punjaban in connection with a kidnapping, prostitution and human trafficking situation and the other accused Sandeep Bedwal below the charge of raping a little girl.
In accordance with the authorities, the woman fell in love with Sandeep, who took her into a home in Laxmi Nagar on the pretext of union and raped her at September 2009. He offered the sufferer, who had been 12 years old at the moment, to a Seema Aunty.
Seema Aunty pushed the victim to prostitution and gave her medication injection, authorities said depending on the announcement of the little woman and added she had been sold a few times and after to con Sonu Punjaban.
Sonu Punjaban utilized her for prostitution and sending her to clients also administered drugs like proxyvon and alprex pills and additionally injected drugs into the victim so the body of their sufferer became tight and much more appropriate for prostitution, the authorities said.
The victim had come to Najafgarh police station on February 9, 2014, and following counseling, her statement was captured by law enforcement, wherein she narrated her ordeal.


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