Detained for internet harassment: 24-year old Delhi guy arrested for harassing woman online | Delhi News


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NEW DELHI: A 24-year-old guy was detained at Delhi for allegedly posting vulgar, threatening and violent messages on social networking to defame a girl, police said on Friday.
The accused was identified as Sourabh Gopal, a resident of Palam village,” they said.
A complaint was received by a girl in which she alleged that she had been getting threatening and explicit messages by a bogus Facebook accounts, the authorities said.
The accused delivered vulgar images and abusive messages to the complainant. He was also threatening to make public her personal photos, a senior police officer said.
“Through analysis, authorities gathered the data out of Facebook and analysed it. Afterwards, it was discovered that one Sourabh Gopal, who’s the neighbor of the complainant, had established this bogus Facebook accounts and has been harassing her,” deputy commissioner of Authorities (southwest) Devender Arya said.
Interrogation revealed that the accused had been previously buddies with the complainant nevertheless they had an altercation over a little issue and she scolded him, the officer stated.
To take revenge, the accused generated a bogus Facebook profile and shared defamatory, threatening and violent articles, he explained.


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