Delhi: Humiliated by man, boy attempts to dissuade self by skipping construction, wounded | Delhi News


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NEW DELHI: A 16-year old boy attempted to kill himself by jumping in the patio of a structure in south Delhi‘s Malviya Nagar region after he had been humiliated by a guy that has been arrested, authorities said on Friday. The victim, a resident of Chirag Delh, had inadvertently ruined the iPhone of a guy named Honey (30) after which he had been requested by him to provide a compensation of Rs 62,000 and tortured after being restricted to a space, authorities said.
The boy, who received multiple injuries, was initially accepted to Madan Mohan Malviya hospital but later called that the Safdarjung Hospital for therapy. His condition is supposed to be steady, ” said.
The authorities received information regarding the episode on Thursday.
“The victim said on Wednesday around 7 pm, he and a buddy were visiting his dad’s store on his bicycle in Chirag Delhi. He lost equilibrium and also his cycle collided with Honey, after which Honey’s I-phone dropped and has been ruined,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (south west ) Atul Kumar Thakur said.
Honey advised the victim to cover the damage. After the boy told his dad, he also guaranteed to get the phone fixed.
But on Thursday, Honey requested the boy to pay Rs 62,000 as reimbursement. Honey also restricted the victim into a space and tortured him. The guy also asked the sufferer to function at his house as a slave, the DCP said.
The victim managed to visit his home by telling Honey he had been going to take meals. He felt awful about his father’s humiliation and the torture inflicted by Honey on him and jumped off the terrace of fourth floor of this building where he lives, authorities said.
A case under applicable sections has been enrolled, authorities said, adding that Honey was detained. NIT NIT TDS TDS


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