Covid-19 sufferers in Ghaziabad proceed under government’s radar | Ghaziabad News


GHAZIABAD: The government had established Covid-19 patient control program lately with an intention to keep an eye on patients however because of incomplete and delayed information there are lots of people who have gone under the radar.
According to officials, on Tuesday itself advice about 83 brand new patients were uploaded to Covid management program portalsite, but when officials touch base with them it had been detected 11 of those had finished quarantine period and were discharged, despite the fact that there isn’t any advice about nine patients.
The government blames private labs from external Ghaziabad not to be diligent enough in documenting proper data of patients. In most cases they’re passing on information regarding the health area very late.
“It’s compulsory on the part of private labs to capture complete information of individuals that have tested positive and pass on the data to health department immediately but it’s come to light that these labs are passing on data late or aren’t careful enough to confirm details of patients supplied to these,” said Ajay Shankar Pandey, district magistrate.
“According to SOP the labs should confirm the patent’s information by maintaining a replica of the Aadhar card and verify the amount offered by patients but that is clearly not being followed because of which we’re confronting problems,” additional Pandey.
In Ghaziabad nevertheless there are just two private laboratories licensed to execute Covid evaluations but there are lots of private labs particularly in Delhi, which accumulate samples demand from Ghaziabad and are indulging in behaves similar to this, state officials.
“We don’t have authority in Delhi so we’ve written to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the state authorities to issue requests to plug in openings that could prove to be harmful in our struggle against Covid” said Pandey. “It might be worth noting in Ghaziabad because of myriad of steps taken we have been able to rein in Covid instances and as Wednesday we’ve less than 750 active instances while roughly 4,000 patients are discharged and in this we can’t afford to reduce our guard since it might negate the improvements we’ve made so far” said Pandey.


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