Covid-19: DMRC announces wages cut of almost 12,000 workers | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Using rail operations closed down for over four weeks because of this Covid-19 pandemic and income from different sources drying up, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has made a decision to slash salaries of its almost 12,000 powerful workforce.
Within a workplace order issued by DMRC’s HR department,” it stated that lots of perks and allowances are cut’in light of the intense adverse financial condition because of non-operation of Metro services’.
DMRC has determined the perks and allowances will be decreased by 50percent with effect from August, 2020, until further orders. Beginning with the wages for August, perks and adjustments will currently be payable at the rate of 15. 75percent of their basic pay, the order says.
DMRC has also kept on record all sanctions of new advances for home building progress (hba), multipurpose progress, notebook advance, festival progress, and so on, although improvements currently sanctioned will last to be disbursed. The Advances hunted for medical care, traveling and dearness allowances and composite transport grant will probably continue to be allowed to facilitate the workers.
Resources in DMRC reported that the company has attempted to maintain salary reductions at bay for quite a while but zero passenger earnings for over four weeks, which led to reductions to the tune of over Rs ,300 crore, has compelled DMRC take the measure. Resources stated wages of employees will be considerably influenced by this measure.


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