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COIMBATORE: Some Tirupur district-based girl was detained for owning four kg of marijuana (ganja) in her vehicle. The Vadavalli authorities seized the contraband, the automobile and bogus identity cards out of her.
The detained woman was identified as Jayamani, 39, from Nambiyampalayam near Avinashi at Tirupur district. On Wednesday evening, throughout a vehicle checkup, Vadavalli authorities sub-inspector Ramachandran and his staff intercepted Jayamani’s automobile on Vadavalli- Thondamuthur street at Gurusamy Nagar. On checking, the girl was captured and asked.
Throughout query, she stated that the bag of ganja wasn’t hers. She stated that she went using a realtor in her vehicle and that he had left the purse along with fake identity cards supporting. The man allegedly got down in the vehicle near Thondamuthur — Vadavalli street. But while authorities checked the car, they discovered that the syringes and knives.
The girl has been brought to the police station where she had been detained. The driver of the auto N Manoj, 22, from Avinashi reported he wasn’t conscious about the captured items.
The bogus identity cards of this girl revealed she had been a crime identification detective in Raipur and yet another identification card asserted she had been using a criminal investigation section and the third identity card revealed that she had been using the Income Tax section.
Jayamani was reserved under sections 8 (c), 20 (b) (ii) (B ) ) of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. After the arrest, she told police she had lodged a complaint from a guy – Selvakumar of Salem for cheating her 60 lakh in Avinashi police channel. A case was filed against him 2018.
She had been planning to purchase land in Coimbatore. On Wednesday, Prasanth from Kotagiri contacted her and requested to visit a property in Coimbatore. Believing his voice, she allegedly came to Coimbatore with her automobile driver.
Jayamani picked up Prasanth in Nava India and he got down in the vehicle at Vadavalli. She stated that prior to getting down in the vehicle, he left his luggage behind. Jayamani added that Prasanth afterwards, went to a bike with a different individual and advised Jayamani to accompany him.
Jayamani alleged that Selvakumar might have delivered Prasanth to put with the contraband things and imitation identity cards inside her vehicle. The girl has been remanded in judicial custody Thursday. She had been lodged at particular prison for girls in Coimbatore prison.
The girl had a dispute with former AIADMK minister MSM Anandan of Tirupur and she maintained that Anandan cheated her of Rs 1 crore. After the request, Anandan was taken out of the ministry post from the former AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa.
Authorities said she had been engaged in garment enterprise.


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