Micro, small businesses increase concerns over new principles of electricity distribution code | Coimbatore News


Coimbatore: Micro and tiny industrialists in town have increased concerns within the conditions corresponding the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulation Commission’s (TNERC) change of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Supply Code, which raises the limit of electricity that customers may utilize from the low tension (LT) class from 112kW into 150kW.
While industrialists stated it was their need to boost the limitation of LT relations from 112kW into 150kW, the nation has set states in its gazette telling which appears to dissuade them by approving the chance.
A Siva Shanmughakumar, a manager of Federation of Coimbatore Industrial Institutions (Focia), stated the telling states if a customer avails the choice to draw 150kW, every kW will be charged Rs 350, as fixed/demand fees, as that to get a high strain link. “So the minimal demand charge for 150kW comes up to approximately Rs 50,000. Compared to the fees we’ve been paying today, which is approximately $ 8,500, that is enormous,” he explained.
The notification also states that for updating to 150kW, the customers must offer space in their assumptions to put transformers. Micro and tiny units that function in 10pennies or 20cents of property can’t manage to supply this distance, ” he explained. “Today the transformers are outside our assumptions. Such conditions would lead to difficulties to micro and small industrial components and foundries,” he explained.
He added that a essential modification comes with conditions which appear to dissuade them by approving it.


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