Coimbatore Airport News: Officials stop testing domestic passengers in Coimbatore airport because of backlog of samples | Coimbatore News


COIMBATORE: Residents have ceased testing incoming airline passengers in Coimbatore airport because of backlog of Covid-19 evaluation samples in Coimbatore Medical College lab and ESI lab. Rather, officials advise all passengers landing in the Coimbatore International Airport to house quarantine themselves.
The airport, which receives eight flights to a mean daily, sees 450 into 500 passengers landing from several metros such as Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad.
Airport officials affirmed the health department ceased collecting nasal swabs of arriving passengers on Monday. This implies at least two,000 passengers in the above mentioned metros have entered the district with no analyzed.
“This was since there was a serious overloading of samples,” said an official. “But, global passengers are becoming tested before they leave the premises,” he explained.
Airport generally contributes 5 percent of the positive times per day from the district, of which half will be national arrivals.
Health department officials said there’d been an increasing backlog of cases as soon as they ceased sending samples to private labs on July 3.
Samples delivered of July 3 returned on July 8 while samples delivered on July 4 returned arrive July 9.
“It has forced us to restrict our testing just to close relatives and close contacts of this favorable individual, rather than the whole road like we used to sooner,” said an official.
“Even more worrying is that hepatitis positive patients might not quarantine themselves until their outcomes arrive and might infect more individuals in the gap,” he explained.


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