Tuticorin Thermal Power Station: No electricity generated in 1,050 MW Tuticorin Thermal Power Station for 2 hours | Chennai News


Tuticorin Thermal Power Station

TUTICORIN: There was absolutely no generation in least 1,050 MW Tuticorin Thermal Power Station for over eight hours Monday following the 210 MW Unit II triggered at 3. 04am. One of the five components in the station, just Unit II was operating in the past couple of days.
Each of the five components of the thermal power station possess a uniform capability of 210 MW each. Two components (I and III) have been to a standby mode because of a fall in demand because of this lockdown.
After Unit II triggered, Unit III began generating power and has been synchronised with the grid 11. 12am.
The primary engineer (CE) of this channel told TOI that energy production has been ceased in Units I and III on Friday and Sunday respectively because of fall in demand and a rise in the energy generation from renewable energy resources like wind energy.
Stating that Unit II will probably be repaired in 2 days, he stated electricity generation wouldn’t be changed till then as Unit I’m prepared and onto a standby mode.
Unit IV was closed on July 6 for yearly overhauling. It’s anticipated to be finished by this weekend and prepared for creation.
Unit V was down for seven weeks following a role in the telescope was ruined in December. “The spare must come out of Punjab. The procedure got delayed because of Covid-19. When the spare is prepared, it is going to take approximately a week for the transport. When it reaches the device, it is going to be adjusted in 15 to 20 days,” that the CE added.


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